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Welcome to Best College Fit (BCF) College Planning Blog, an ongoing discussion of the factors that impact the college planning process. This space will keep you abreast of critical planning strategies, introduce you to key resources and comment on timely issues that relate to your college planning effort. We look forward to staying in touch and seeing your comments as we progress through the college planning process together.

Join Peter Van Buskirk in Upcoming Webinars to Jumpstart College Planning

Are you beginning the college planning process with more questions than answers?

If so, plan to join Peter Van Buskirk in two free upcoming webinars sponsored by Revolution Prep to develop a plan that works for you.

On June 5, Peter will be interviewed by Rev Prep’s Jon Small on the topic of “Jumpstarting the College Planning Process.” In this keynote event of the Revolution Prep Summer Webinar Series, they will discuss:

  • Strategies for starting the college planning process
  • The importance of “intentionality” in developing a plan for college
  • Getting the most from college visits
  • Tips for acquiring letters of recommendation
  • Determining the relevance of support services (essay support, test prep, etc.)

Click on “Jumpstarting the College Planning Process” to register for the June 5 webinar (9PM ET).

On June 19, Peter will follow up with a presentation of “Little Things that Make a Big Difference in the College Admission Process.” In this webinar, he will examine opportunities to stand out as an applicant within the context of the competition at targeted colleges. He will reveal common mistakes made in the application process and offer tips that empower students to:

  • Establish ownership in the process
  • Develop thematically cohesive applications
  • Take advantage of academic opportunities available to them through the senior year
  • Build relationships with colleges that are important to them
  • Put themselves in the best position possible for admission success

Click on “Little Things that Make a Big Difference in the College Admission Process” to register for the June 19 Webinar (9PM ET).

Revolution Prep is a leading provider of tutoring and test preparation solutions, offering a range of online and in-person support for students.

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