Program & Booking FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Best College Fit Events

During the course of scheduling and working out the logistics for BCF events, it is common for potential program hosts to ask questions about timing, cost, and other related program features. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions with our responses. Please contact us directly (717-808-5462 or if you would like to discuss these or other related topics further.

Booking "The Admission Game®" and other Events

Q. When is the best time of the year to schedule your signature program "The Admission Game®?"

A. Our first answer is, "When it fits best in your programming cycle." Schools book "The Admission Game®" from August through mid-December and January through May. A lot depends on the audience you are targeting. For example, scheduling around your course registration period helps to reinforce messages relating to program rigor. Some schools find it is effective to schedule "The Admission Game®" several weeks in advance of a college night/fair in the area.

Q. How far in advance should we try to book a program?

A. We recommend calling 4-6 months in advance if possible in order to book the date you prefer.

Q. What time of the day/evening works best for starting the TAG program?

A. We recommend starting at a time when families can arrive most comfortably after a day of work/school. Keep in mind that "The Admission Game®" is a two-hour program packed with content. Most schools start the program at 7:00 PM. 6:30 or 7:30 can work, too.

Q. Is there a limit to how far you travel?

A. No. We go wherever we are invited and have presented across the country and internationally. We do recommend, however, that you consider booking in conjunction with other programs we might be doing in the area to economize by sharing related expenses.

"The Admission Game®" Program

Q. Which age group is best suited for "The Admission Game®" case study program?

A. The key program elements (finding a good fit, making appropriate curricular choices, developing personal interests) work best for Juniors. Younger students who are ready to be engaged in the college planning process benefit as well.

Q. A common lament of parents is, "Why isn't this offered in the Freshman or Sophomore Years?"

A. The target audience is up to the program sponsor. We will present to any age group. We agree that, for many families—parents in particular—early awareness of this information can be helpful. In order to accommodate those interests, we have found a good solution is to target Juniors and invite families of younger students to attend as well.

Q. Is it a good idea to include students and parents in the same session?

A. Absolutely! We enjoy working with mixed audiences. It's good for the whole family to hear the same message!

Other Programming

Q. Do you present other programs to younger students?

A. Yes. We have developed a motivational program entitled "Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be" that has proven very successful with younger students—often in school assemblies. It is a 45-minute program that can be followed by Q&A. In addition, I present an interactive, 45-minute program entitled "I Can!" to middle school students. Click here for descriptions.

Q. Are you available for keynote speeches?

A. Yes. We present a number of 35-45 minute provocative and/or motivational programs that focus on themes of personal responsibility, effective decision-making, investing in one's self and taking ownership of the future. Click here for descriptions.

Q. Do you conduct professional development workshops?

A. Yes. We offer customizable, interactive professional development in half-day increments for up to 100 people. Elements of this program continue to be popular preconference workshops at the annual National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC) Conference. Click here to see the syllabus of topics. Click here for descriptions.

Q. Do you ever present multiple sessions during the same day?

A. Yes. At a number of schools we present programs, including application preparation workshops (essay writing, interview prep, etc.) for students during the day and TAG programs for students and parents in the evening. We also present a reduced rate combination package of half-day professional development programs during the day followed by TAG events for families in the evening.

Program Promotion

Q. How can we maximize attendance?

A. Program sponsors have effectively utilized numerous strategies to generate large audiences. Here are some suggestions:

  • Publicize the event in the local media. We are available for pre-event interviews with media reps.
  • Send announcements/reminders to families via email.
  • Promote the event through the school's parent association.
  • Use RSVPs with the invitation/announcement.
  • Promote with coupons (available at the conclusion of the program) for extra credit that can be redeemed with teachers.
  • Plan to disburse "official" school-based information (college planning packets, PSAT results) to students.

Program Costs

Q. How much does your programming cost?

A. Fees for Programming for Students and Parents depend on the nature of the event and length of the program, as do the fees for the Conference Keynote/Presentation Topics. Professional Development Programs cost $3,000 per half day. In addition to the speaker’s fee, program sponsors are responsible for reimbursing related expenses, which typically include travel, meals, overnight accommodations (if needed) and unbranded program materials (mock applications) when applicable.

Note: Please contact us directly to discuss rates for corporately sponsored events.

Q. Our budget is tight. Do you have suggestions as to how we might fund a program?

A. Good question! Schools have done the following to make the programming possible financially:

  • Collaborated with neighboring schools to share fees/expenses.
  • Promoted the event as a fundraiser and sold tickets.
  • Applied grant funds designated to promote college awareness.

Q. Are discounts available for multiple bookings?

A. Yes. Book "The Admission Game" and a Professional Development half-day program together to receive a reduced rate.

Other Resources by Peter Van Buskirk

Q. Do you provide other resources that would complement your programming?

A. Yes! The core messages of our programs can be found in our weekly blog and Peter's book, Prepare, Compete, Win! The Ultimate College Planning Workbook for Students to be useful as well.

Q. How can people find your books?

A. Prepare, Compete, Win! The Ultimate College Planning Workbook for Students is available in the BCF Bookstore. Arrangements can be made for books to be sold to families at any event you might host.

Q. Do you provide discounts for volume purchases of your books?

A. Check with us about pricing for the Workbook on bulk orders.