Motivational Programming for Pre-High School Families

"I Can!"

'I Can!'This motivational program engages pre-high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds in a discussion of the possibilities that exist for them beyond high school. In terms that are relevant to their life experiences, participants are urged to talk about their goals and are given strategies for achieving them. Often used as a school assembly.

45 minutes. Target audience: Students and parents. Audience size: 20-40.

Get the Most From Your High School Years

Get the Most From High SchoolEighth grade students find themselves at critical stages in their lives as their social and academic orientations are about to change. Their ability to recognize and manage that change in their lives will go a long way in determining future opportunities and successes. This motivational program shines light on the path that lies ahead for them and provides strategies for avoiding pitfalls and creating a series of meaningful options that extends through high school and into college. Often used as a school assembly.

45 minutes. Target audience: Students and parents. Audience size: 25-400

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I book an event?

A. Contact Peter at 717-808-5462 or

Q. Does Peter conduct professional development workshops?

A. Yes. Peter offers customizable, interactive professional development in half-day increments for up to 100 people. Elements of this program continue to be popular preconference workshops at the annual National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC) Conference.

Q. What do people have to say about Peter's programs?

A. Here is a sampling of testimonials. Please see Present/Past Clients and Testimonials for more.

"No one from my family has ever attended a four-year university before, so we are appreciative for your advice regarding this complicated process. I know so many other kids are going through the same turmoil as I am with regard to this whole "admissions game" and would benefit from your advice. I am so glad I attended your seminar, and thank you again for taking the time to set me on the right path."
-Student, Vineland, NJ

"I truly consider you a leader in the field, someone who tells it like it is. That is what sets you apart... I defer to you anytime!"
-Counselor, Bedford, NY

"Brilliant, passionate, fantastic! Thanks for breaking the code and sharing with us."
-Parent, Philadelphia, PA

Q. Is Peter available for keynote speeches?

A. Yes. Peter presents a number of 35-45 minute provocative and/or motivational programs that focus on themes of personal responsibility, effective decision-making, investing in one's self and taking ownership of the future.

Q. Does Peter ever present multiple sessions during the same day?

A. Yes. At a number of schools Peter presents programs/workshops for students during the day and programs for students and parents in the evening. Peter also presents professional development programs during the day followed by events for families in the evening at a discounted package rate.

Q. How much does Peter's programming cost?

A. Fees depend on the nature of the event and length of the program.

Q. Are discounts available for multiple bookings?

A. Yes. Book multiple programs and/or workshops together to receive a reduced rate.

Q. Our budget is tight. How might we fund a program?

A. Good question! Schools have done the following to make the programming possible financially:

  • Collaborated with neighboring schools to share fees.
  • Promoted the event as a fundraiser and sold tickets.
  • Applied grant funds designated to promote college awareness.

Q. Does Peter provide other resources that complement his programming?

A. Yes! Check out the information and advice in Resources for Students & Parents.